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My name is Felipe Rabaça and I’m a Design student in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I enjoy everything related to technology, such as games, web design and photography. I'm also passionate about interactive media, mainly how people use those technologies and how they are changing and molding our cities.


2022 Insurtech Innovation Program

The Insurtech Innovation Program is a multidisciplinary training and co-creation program promoted by PUC-Rio in partnership with MAG Seguros and IRB Brasil RE, leaders in the insurance market in Brazil. In small groups, we designed innovative projects to solve problems brought by the insurance and reinsurance companies' employees, focused on the market's trending topics and the use of new technologies.

2020 Student's Design Office

Working as a Digital Media Assistant, I was responsible for keeping the PUC-Rio's Art and Design Department website updated, creating new pages and removing old ones.

2019 - 2021 AeroRio

AeroRio is a university team that builds Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at PUC-Rio. I was a member of the marketing team, where I managed social media and created a new website to showcase the vehicles produced.


PUC-Rio Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Design - Digital Media
2018 - 2022

UT Austin The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2021 - Study Abroad program

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